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Sr. Monika Pławecka's religious profession


"Our religious consecration, which is rooted in that of baptism, is a covenant in which we freely respond in faith to the gratuitous call of God", says our Constitutions.

On Sunday 26th of August in the Generalate we were witnesses of this covenant. Sr. Monika Pławecka from province of Poland was in the presence of many sisters, guests, her parents resolved to unite herself more closely to God by the bond of religious profession. As a sign of this consecration she received a gray veil, The Constitutions and the cross of our Order.

Beautiful liturgy was presided by Fr. Matthiew Carlin who was in his homily emphasized that vows makes our relationship with Jesus visible.

We wish that Sr. Monika will be in her new community in Poland in her apostolate the true witness of her covenant.



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