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It is the wish of our Very Reverend Mother General that all pupils of secondary schools and colleges serviamgreenbelonging to the Ursulines of the Roman Union should wear the same badge. The pupils of Ursulines all over the world will very easily recognise one another, and unity of heart and mind will thereby be increased.


The badge has been designed by two Ursulines and approved by our Very Reverend Mother. Two forms of it can be obtained, differing slightly in the arrangement of the stars. One has the stars arranged in two lines of four and three; the other is like the serviamblueaccompanying illustration, in which the stars represent the constellation of the Little Bear – an allusion to the name Ursula (little bear), with the Pole star, symbolising the ideal towards which we advance.


As to the motto, Serviam, we will leave Our Very Reverend Mother to express it herself, in a little speech made at Valenciennes when the badge was given to the pupils. Our Very Reverend Mother gives free permission to those of our head mistresses who may desire it, to make use of the following speech on similar occasions:






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