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It is the wish of our Very Reverend Mother General that all pupils of secondary schools and colleges serviamgreenbelonging to the Ursulines of the Roman Union should wear the same badge. The pupils of Ursulines all over the world will very easily recognise one another, and unity of heart and mind will thereby be increased.


The badge has been designed by two Ursulines and approved by our Very Reverend Mother. Two forms of it can be obtained, differing slightly in the arrangement of the stars. One has the stars arranged in two lines of four and three; the other is like the serviamblueaccompanying illustration, in which the stars represent the constellation of the Little Bear – an allusion to the name Ursula (little bear), with the Pole star, symbolising the ideal towards which we advance.


As to the motto, Serviam, we will leave Our Very Reverend Mother to express it herself, in a little speech made at Valenciennes when the badge was given to the pupils. Our Very Reverend Mother gives free permission to those of our head mistresses who may desire it, to make use of the following speech on similar occasions:






serviam merejeanmartin

My dear Children, In the name of our Mother General, your Mothers of ++++ present you with the badge of the pupils of the Ursulines.

On this badge you will see a group of stars, symbols of the Ideal; the Cross, symbol of the Catholic faith on which your ideal is founded; the motto which expresses this ideal.

SERVIAM: I WILL SERVE. It is the lan guage of honour and Christian devotion to duty. When God created rational beings, He put before the angels, His creatures the duty of service. Two camps were formed. Non Serviam, and the angels of light and beauty became hideous demons of darkness, the bad angels, tempting leaders into evil. Serviam and the good angels were confirmed in holiness and destined to be the guardians of the children of God. Man was created in a state of friendship with God. Then came Lucifer, doing devil’s work, Non Serviam, and there followed the terrible Fall, the separation from God, heaven lost, suffering and death placing their mark on the descendants of Adam. Serviam. The Son of God came into the midst of the unhappy race, “Behold , O Father, I come to do Thy Will,” and there followed the Redemption, heaven reopened, suffering and death sanctified and blessed. From that time, throughout the centuries, the human race has had before it two standards: the standard of service and that of revolt; the banner of sanctity and that of damnation.

You, my dear children, who have enrolled by you baptism under the banner of service as children of God; confirmed as such and made soldiers of Christ by the Sacrament of Fortitude; whose would feed daily on Him who said He came to serve; you have been taught by Mothers whose holy Patroness was a leader in the path of service until death; you will understand and love this moto, and you will take pride in living up to it. You will live up by serving God, observing His commandments with love. You will live up to it by serving the Church, dutifully obeying the orders of its head, his decision, his directions, whatever sacrifices the Pope may ask of you, whether of opinion, will, or attachment to tradition. You will live up to it by serving your country, your family, your neighbour, devoting yourselves gladly to the service of those around you, to the Catholic cause, to those who suffer. You will begin now to do all this if you are faithful to you duty, hardworking, unselfish towards your neighbor. Obedience is the great form of service because it is the best form of discipline, “He was subject to them.” Christ became obedient. Obedience trains and prepares us for the practice of charity, and charity includes the whole of Christianity for Christianity, makes men “other Christs,” and Christ, being God, is love. To serve by obedience and by charity: that is your plan of action, my dear children, now and in the future. Keep this ideal, carry your banner high, be worthy to carry it. Henceforth, Ursuline pupils will recognise one another all over the world. Noblesse oblige. Let the wearing of your badge be a stimulus, because it lays an obligation on you. It will thus help you to life a noble and holy life, and it will be your passport to the blessedness promised as a reward for Christian service: “Well done, thou good and faithful servant; enter thou into the joy of Thy Lord” Your Mother in Rome wishes for you this joy and this glory because she loves you. M. Marie de Saint-Jean, O.S.U. Prieure Générale


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