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New Community Santa Ursula del Peru, 27th of January 2017


On January 27, 2018, on the feast of Santa Angela, we, the Ursulines of Peru, lived a very special moment in our history. The Peru - Chile Province, made up of 16 sisters, from different countries: Germany, Poland, Slovenia, Cuba, Chile and Peru, became "SANTA URSULA COMMUNITY OF PERU"

We are grateful to the sisters of Brazil for their willingness to walk with us and to support us now in this new experience somehow different from the planned one, but God has his ways. He prepared us with the visit of Pope Francis and then with our last Provincial Conference on January 24 to 26, with the motto: "And lead a New Life" (7th Council of Santa Angela). The first day we dedicated to S Angela, the second we have deepened the messages of the Pope for consecrated men and women of Closure. The third day we reflected on the paragraph of the constitutions of the new community that will have two houses "Santa Úrsula" and the branch house "Santa Angela" in Miramar.

The feast of Santa Ángela marked our path. Gathered in the chapel, we expressed our obedience to our new Provincial Sr. Regina and the new Superior, Sr. Rosana for the community with two houses and two schools.

A very significant moment was the planting of a new tree, as the sign of a new beginning, of a new life. The symbol of the tree rooted in God the Trinity, accompanied us from the first day on. During the celebration we all received a plant, a small tree from Sr. Rosana and Sr. Regina presented us with a stone tree. The stones are of different colors, like us, with different gifts but with the desire to be united in the root that is Jesus Christ himself.

We Ursulines of Peru are very happy because the Lord has reaffirmed us on the path which has begun with this process of reconfiguration, we will continue in the search of what gives life to the new community and we put ourselves in the hands of the Lord since He has a plan for us.



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