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The Education Committee has produced a full, new Brochure in response to the General Chapter mandate.

with Sr. Moekti Gondosasmito, from the General Council



The Life of Angela Merici

with Sr. Imelda Williams, from Australia


The Story of the Statue of Saint Angela in Saint Peter's Basilica

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An Explanation of the Symbols of the Roman Union

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The Life of Saint Angela in Embroidery by Sister Stanislas O'Lanyer

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Saint Angela is Named Co-Patron of Brescia - Click on the dot on the left to view the video


Icon of the Life of Saint Angela Merici created by Paolo Orlando on the Occasion of the 200th Anniversary of her Canonization (presently at the Ursuline Convent, Gorizia)

Video on the Life of Saint Angela by Sr. Daria Klich, OSU

Story of the Statue of Our Lady of Consolation at the Ursulines of the Roman Union Generalate, Rome

Video and research by Sr. Daria Klich, OSU

"Angela, Madre Suor, Angela," words and music by Sr. Marie Bénédicte Moyrand,OSU, Amiens, October 2003,  for "Insieme avec Angèle Merici"

The Frescoes in the Chapel of the Ursulines of the Roman Union Generalate, Rome

Video and research by Sr. Daria Klich, OSU

Frescoes painted by Mario Barberis (click for information)

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